Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fall Frolic

Watching the Oriole's in their first playoff game while eating leftover Apple Crisp. Must be October.  Speaking of October, I'm kind of in love with this shirt:

Can't Spell October Without The O's (Orange) / Women's V-Neck Shirt

Who doesn't love October? Does such a person exist? This is hands down THE best season change.  Fall to winter and spring to summer just blur together. Winter to spring is nice...when you're not in Southern Virginia and spring really just means early summer. Granted, fall here comes a little later than I would like, but it's coming. I've started to see a few leaves changing color and we've had the A.C. off for two weeks now (although there have been a few 80s days that were pushing it for me), but when it gets into the 60s (!!) at night, you've just gotta have the windows open.

The other night I hosted a little Fall Frolic. It was a semi-celebration of fall with a little babyshower twist to it as my buddy Sarah approaches the big day of meeting her baby girl (but really it was more of a lets-stuff-our-faces-with-fall-junk-food-and-craft-and-open-baby-presents kind of a night).

As much as I love a good party, I've decided that I'd much rather GO to a party than host one. First of all, I'm pretty cheap and uncreative when it comes to decorations. Secondly, I get a little stressed out thinking about whether or not people are enjoying themselves, which in the end makes it impossible for me to enjoy myself. (I actually held it together pretty well for this party and had a really good time with some great ladies). Thirdly, everyone leaves their sweet treats and then I am forced to eat all the leftovers for days after the party.

Of course I only took pictures right before anyone showed up and at the end when only three ladies were left... I wish I had a picture after everyone arrived with all their yummy dishes! We had so much pumpkin, apple goodness going on.

 Alejandra, Sarah and Meredith showing off their cute fall wreaths.  

 And here's my finished product. It was pretty simple to make, wrapped the wreath in burlap and made felt flowers to put on it.  Really simple, but I like the simplicity of it. 

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