Wednesday, October 8, 2014

D-run Goes to Michigan

Before Darin left for his conference in Michigan I told him to send me pictures. This is one of his top schools for graduate school, so I obviously needed to get a feel of it through text pictures.

He followed through very nicely.  Here's what my chain of text messages from Darin looked like last week (in his own words of course--I told him he should just write this post but he didn't like that idea, little did he know that he already wrote it):

"House on the right is where I'm staying."

"Band practicing on its own field."

"Part of stadium." 
(He's probably going to hate me for posting this selfie but he knew I couldn't go 52 hours without seeing his precious face).


 "Ann Arbor with part of campus."


 "School pride."

 "Beginning of main campus."

 "Cool building."

"Cool building."
(He sent this one twice. He must have really liked it).

 "Bell Tower."

 "All the buses here look like this. Excuse the random person."

 This is the shirt he wanted to get me. 

Instead he found this one on sale for me, and I love it! I was excited to see that he got me a large so I could actually wear it for a little while, then I put it on and it's already pretty snug. I checked the tag and saw that he got me a "slim fit" shirt. Thanks for the compliment sweetheart, but maybe not the most ideal time for a "slim-fit" shirt :). 

Then of course after he reminds me to hang dry it, I totally forget and stick it in the dryer. Nice one Brillante. Looks like this will be going in the box of clothes that I won't wear for a year.

 19 weeks and counting.

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