Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Jugglers and Firetrucks

We made sure to get out Saturday morning (despite the 100% humidity/gray clouds looming above us) to spend some family time together before Darin shut himself upstairs for the afternoon to cram more vocab words and take another GRE pretest. 

The library had a juggling show going on, so we made our way there first.  Shae sat and watched for the first 20 minutes or so.

He had a hard time when the performer started doing magic tricks. It just wasn't as instead he ran around all the empty chairs behind us and occasionally looked up to see what was going on.

The Fire Station is just a block away from the library and they were putting on an open house so we made our way there next.

This firetruck was used back in 1950! What a cool truck! One of the firemen told us that they once had pictures up of the super old firetruck that is in CW(a little cart with buckets to carry water), this one and then the current firetrucks, to show the evolution of the firetruck in our town. Pretty neat.

Then off to explore the currently used firetrucks.  We were thinking of Uncle Devin the entire time!

After exploring the firetrucks we grabbed a free hot dog and a bunch of other free gifts they were passing out.  Darin stopped at one station and learned some grill safety tips (and came right home and cleaned off his grill. Good to know that the fire safety tips sunk in quickly).

Shae was watching Sparky from a far for quite some time but was scared to get close to him.  I walked up with him and tried to get him to give him a high five but he couldn't handle it and inched his little Self backward.

 After what felt like eternities of Darin working Saturday's last month, it was VERY nice to have a family morning together. I love that the community/library has free family activities for us to enjoy...and so excited to spend next Saturday together as well, at the farm, picking out pumpkins!

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