Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Week in Review

It's been another busy week so let's just do one big week-in-review-photo-drop shall we? 

Last Saturdy, while Darin was working, Shae and I stopped by the Williamsburg airport open house.

 Shae loved exploring the helicopter from head to toe and touching every single button in his reach.

We had a fun park day with Shae's buddies.

This hunk of my husband turned 28 years old and we celebrated by having friends over and eating Nutty Butty Ice Cream Cake.

Shae found all the socks that his daddy kindly leaves all over the house and turned himself into the sock monster (all the while thinking it was the COOLEST thing in the world). 

 And yes, that would be ANOTHER boo boo on his head. His forehead and the cement seem to be good friends these days.

We had lot's of fun with our friend Flavia who I started babysitting at the beginning of the month while her mama works.  Shae LOVES Flavia. He gets really excited when she comes over and has a good time playing with her, but it's definitely been hard for him as well. He started to learn the fine art of not-sharing, pushing, "No! Mine!" and other all around jealousy-toddler skills. Sometimes I feel like my days consist of being Flavia's body guard, and yet they always tend to have some cute moments like these.
Flavia's "CHEESE!" face vs. Shae's "CHEESE!" face.

Flavia wins.
 What's this? Shae letting Flavia read one of HIS books? Could it be? Moments like this are very rare.

While doing laundry the kiddos decide to come help me. They went on like this for a good 20 minutes. Doing the laundry is the new hop-scotch.

 Shae is quickly outgrowing his sandals (thank goodness summer is almost over). I looked through his drawers one day last week to see what I could find and tried one of each of these shoes on him and he REFUSED to let me take them off the rest of the morning.

 We put the shoes on after he brought me a cup full of tampons and kneeled down to say his morning prayers. It cracks me up that he kneels down and folds his arms at the steppers where we put our fan. His daddy is a good example at morning prayer so Shae always sees him kneeling at the bed, I guess the bed was just a bit too high so he found something more his size.

 Two straight rainy days definitely calls for teaching Shae what a fox says.

 And then sitting on the table for half an hour playing with two root beer bottles from daddy's birthday while mommy does some work. He loved pretending to put the lids on and off and then taking them in and out of the shoe box. It always amazes me what entertains a baby/toddler.

As soon as the rain stopped on the second day we booked it outside because we were all going crazy. One of our neighbors was playing with his dogs out in the field by our house. We need to schedule appointments with these dogs, the kids could have watched them play frisbee for hours.

 Insert squeal of joy here. (And this sunken table is the PERFECT play toy for these two).

 We went to the park again. We really really like the park.

 Shae walked around with my sunglasses on like he was the bees knees of toddlers. 

 And then plastered his face against one of the toys.

This morning we babysat these two crazies while Darin went with their daddy to buy themselves a car. We walked around Colonial Williamsburg a bit and of course had to stop at the Farmer's Market and get some muffins. (Sorry Ezra for turning you into a ghost).

And that was our week. 

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