Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Septoplasty

Did you ever think that you'd see a blog post from me with no pictures of Shae? Probably not. Today is that day. Today is exclusively about the other man in my life.

Last Friday Darin had a Septoplasty performed on him.  Basically, they went up his nose and straightened out his nasal septum which was deviated so far over that he has not been able to breathe well out of his right nostril for years.

He was excited, and nervous. 

Here he is right before they wheeled him away from me. 

As they wheeled him off the anesthesiologist said, "Now I'm just gonna get a little dose going for you," and started something up in his iv. He said that he got to the next room, moved on to the other bed and that's all he remembers. After the surgery he kept telling the anesthesiologist, "You're tricky. You know, I really wanted to do the backward countdown."

He was cracking jokes all over the place when he came out of surgery. He was also super flirty, with me and the nurses. It was fun to watch. As soon as they wheeled him in he looked at me, winked, and said "Hey sexy, how you doin'?" right in front of the nurses. Later a nurse walked in and he said, "Oh hey, don't mind me, just checking out your shoes." haha! It was pretty funny. 

Flirty, funny Darin quickly turned into in-pain, i-don't-feel-so-good Darin. And this is who they sent me home with. 

It was a rough weekend for the poor guy. They put "packing" in his nose (basically two massive curved tampons that had to stay in all weekend). Those suckers were not fun. He couldn't breathe out of his nose AT ALL. This made just about everything miserable, eating, drinking, talking, especially sleeping. I felt so bad for him. He had to sleep propped up which made things hard enough, but I can't imagine not being about to breathe through my nose at all. He said all weekend that he felt like he wanted to blow his nose and clear it up, which he obviously couldn't do. Sneezing and yawning were pretty awful too.

(We'll talk about how the boppy is the greatest invention in a different post...)

It probably felt like the longest weekend of his life, with very little "good" sleep. He got the packing taken out on Monday. He says he can already feel a difference as air flows through his right nostril. He still has a good bit of head pain and is still pretty tired from the long weekend. He also has to do this funky cleaning thing to his nose until his final follow-up appointment next week. It's pretty gross up there.

We won't know for a few days/weeks still, but we both have high hopes that the couple days of misery was worth it. 

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