Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I finished the survey translation! Hoo-ray! Now if the survey could actually get submitted some time soon so that I can have my husband back...that would be very nice...

So let's catch up a bit.  On Saturday we snuk away (sneaked away?) from the lap tops for a bit and went down to Harrisburg for the Kipona Festival.  We're still not exactly sure WHAT the Kipona Festival was, but it was fun nonetheless. It seemed to be a montage of distinct festivals/activities which made it quite interesting.  There was an Indian Festival, a Native American Pow-Wow, a Chili Cook Off, a Karate Marathon, and lots of food/souvenir stands.

It was on City Island in Harrisburg so we got to cross over the gorgeous Susquehanna river to get there. From the island there was a great view of a lot of really cute Harrisburg homes right across the river, and being the baseball suckers that we are, the minor league stadium for the Harrisburg Senators was right in the middle of the island which we thought was really cool. All of the festivities took place in a huge circle around the stadium.

We ran into the Indian festival first. It was kind of crazy with people dancing all over the place, a MASSIVE line of people waiting for free curry and this beautiful monstrosity that didn't know which way it wanted to go. 

Shae clearly thought it was really cool. We watched for a few minutes and then almost got run over a few times and moved along.

We stopped at this little play area for a bit and let Darin's shoulders take a rest (not very smart to forget the stroller on a day like this...).

He really loved the "choo choo."

This stare down lasted for a good 30 seconds. "Don't you come any closer to my ball."

It was a hot day. Darin was a trooper for carrying our little bowling ball around without complaint.

Next stop was the Native American Pow-Wow. We kicked back and hung out here for awhile and watched some different Native American dances. We watched a few different hoop dances which are absolutely amazing. I also love how enthralled Shae was with it all. He sat calmly and couldn't take his eyes away during each dance.

Then of course, we got ice cream, because who goes to a festival on a hot day and doesn't get ice cream? 

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