Thursday, September 4, 2014

Labor Day

Three day weekends are always great, especially when you are on "vacation." They're always great that is, until you have to go home. Monday came around and we hadn't decided what time we were going to make the trek back down to VA. Part of me wanted to leave as soon as we woke up to try and avoid traffic and not be tired, but part of me wanted to stay and actually enjoy a bit of Labor Day with family and then leave later and still hopefully miss traffic. We went with the latter.

We both worked through the morning/midday and after Shae woke up from his nap around 2pm we convinced the fam (not that we really had to convince them) to take us somewhere to go swimming. They took us to a darling lake that was "just over the mountain." 

(Darin after about 25 minutes into our drive: "Glad that I'm realizing what your mom means when she says, 'It's just over the mountain.'" We arrived a few minutes later, but yes, "close" for my family is very different than "close" for us.)

We had a lot of fun, Shae loves the sand but he's starting to run fearless right for the water now too.  We didn't end up staying too long because some rain and thunder rolled in (which was probably good anyways so that we could shower and get on the road). And now for more low-quality phone pictures because our semi-better camera is acting up. 

Grandpa sure knows how to make a splashing baby happy. He was cracking up the entire time he was in the water.


He never seemed to have much water left in his bowl by the time he got back to the mote, but he just kept going back and forth from the water to the sand. Daddy's little helper.

Then there's these crazies... 

We left around 6pm, made a quick stop in MD for Darin to talk to a professor who studies Myanmar and got home around 12am. We didn't hit any traffic which was a MIRACLE. 

Oh! Sunday night we had a little summer/fall birthday celebration. We "celebrated" (as in we ate more cheesecake) my mom's bday from July, mine in August and Darin and A.J.'s whose are coming up in September. We were each allowed to blow out one candle. And that is just what we did.

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