Sunday, December 30, 2012

Power Puff Girl or Marshmallow Woman?


While sitting in the oven of a Sunday School room today during church , I looked down to see my fingers swelling ridiculously. I lean over to Darin, show him my hands and whisper, "I'm turning into a Power Puff Girl!"

He leans back and says, "Or a Marshmallow!"

I whisper back forcefully, "No Dar, a Power Puff Girl." 

A marshmallow? Really? He tried to save himself by saying that he loves marshmallows. I saw through that in a second. He never eats marshmallows when we have bonfires. I kindly reminded him of that and he says, "Well, I like squeezing them...anddd hugging them..."

Haha. I love my husband. And he loves my puffy body. What more could a girl ask?

1 comment:

  1. Bad call, man... bad call. Casey suffers from foot-in-mouth syndrome too.