Monday, January 2, 2017

The Grand America at Christmastime

New year, and time to play catch up documenting the past month!

Let's start with our afternoon visit to the Grand America Hotel after getting to Utah the previous day. 
Amelia had mentioned to us that they do some fun Christmasy things there so we decided to check it out. Man, that hotel is NICE. 

They had a fun word scramble activity to play while walking around looking at all the different countries. You had to guess which country the window represented by the display and "Merry Christmas" in different languages. The window displays were beautiful! 

In between the two sides of the "plaza" where the windows were, they had a massive Gingerbread House. Check out all those ingredients!

 BelĂ©n did not wait long to seize the moment and run under the chain and straight in to the house. There may have been a crunched rice krispie treat and a gumball or two out of place after she was caught. The girl is fast.

 So happy to be hanging out with this mama after being a part for a few months.
At the end, they gave us sugar cookies and there was a fun little toy shop to explore. What a fun (free) Christmas activity.

We took the train to the hotel, just for fun. On the way out of the hotel Shae said, "Can we take a real train back this time? You know, one with smoke coming out of it." I guess it just wasn't cool enough for him this time around (funny because he loved the metro in D.C. and Toronto).
Sure do love this big dude, even when the train isn't cool enough.

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