Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Idaho Snow Days

Silly us for ever questioning whether we would have a white Christmas in Idaho or not (but not too silly since we have experienced it before). There was so much snow! It just kept on coming. Sharon even got a few extra days off school while we were there because of it (which hasn't happened in YEARS. This is Idaho after all). We were all so excited that we got to spend extra time with her!

Ibu's house is in the PERFECT location with this fantastic sledding hill right across the street. We took advantage of it and went sledding quite a few times. 

 Our sweet, but sensitive son who doesn't like to do ANYTHING by himself was surprisingly excited and adamant about sledding alone. He rocked it and wanted to do it over and over again. 
We (mostly Darin) worked on this little fort for a few days in a row. The vision was to have it be a little taller, but the snow was so powdery, it took forever just to get it this size. Shae was so excited about having an epic snowball fight. Everyday he would peek outside and say, "Is the fort ready yet?!"

 Having a little tea party before the fight...making sure we were energized and powered up!

Poor Belén just couldn't handle being out as long as Shae. She even got two bloody noses while we were out playing two different days. So one afternoon Shae and I went out alone, it was fun to do so much more and focus fully on him while playing (poor Belén mostly just wanted to be held). There was a huge pile of snow right in the front yard that we used to make a space ship. We ran around the front and back, in the fort and in and out of our space ship fight off aliens that were attacking us along the way.
So what do you do besides playing in the snow when it is 0 degrees outside? (Because that can obviously only last for so long). You build the greatest fort with Ibu's awesome fort building couches. 

You play with lots and lots of legos.
You make cookies, and watch tons of movies, and read lots of books, and go to story time at the library.

 Shae's sugar cookie of himself.
 You make indoor igloos out of ice.
You go to the super cool bouncy house "store" at the mall. When the employee said that the toddler/preschool time lasted from 10-12, Sharon and I looked at each other and said, "Oh, I doubt we'll last that long." But we all did! The time went by so fast. The kids had a blast and it was quite entertaining watching them.

You go to Brooklyn's playground because it is the coolest playground ever and you are all dying to be outside, even though it is so snowy and hard to move around at all. Maybe not my brightest idea, but we would have just played outside in the backyard if we had stayed home, so having some play equipment made it a little more exciting. 

So glad we got to enjoy some of this crazy Idaho winter!

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