Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Farm Show

How my parents have lived in PA for 10 years now and I have never been to the Farm Show, I have no idea. It was legit! And huge! And all over the news. According to their web-site, it is "the biggest agricultural exposition in the nation, with nearly 6,000 animals" and thousands of competitive exhibits. There were also tons of big trucks/tractors and food vendors. From the food vendors we tried some delicious potato donuts, a perfectly fried blooming onion, and the show's famous milkshakes! 

Playing in the chicken feed. We had to pull her away from this one.

 So sad these pictures were blurry! But posting them nonetheless because seeing those horses walk right behind Belén was great.

Shae is usually so timid around animals and wants nothing to do with them, but he REALLY wanted to pet this cow. It belonged to the little girl in the below picture which I think he thought was really cool, that it was hers--a kid! She told him all about her cow and made sure to "keep him safe" while he was petting it.

The butter statue. Legit.
 Shae liked the merry-go-round much more than the below picture would indicate. He loved it! Not so sure about my mom and Belén. It was a very fast merry-go-round and once it started going Belén just slid right off the side, but still holding on to the horse. So my mom was trying to keep her own balance and hold on, while gripping on to Belén as well so that she didn't fall off. Poor girls. Thankfully, they all made it off alive 

Besides all the fun things we got to see and do, Shae LOVED riding the yellow school bus (shuttle) that took us from the parking lot to the show. He kept saying, "This is like the bus I will go in when I go to school!" 

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  1. They are getting so so big! Love this post. If y'all ever come to MN, you all have to do the state fair.