Thursday, January 5, 2017

Lights on Temple Square

After the Grand America, we visited the Church History Museum. I have yet to visit this museum without kids, so I don't get to see very much, but there is A LOT of cool stuff there. The kids loved the kid section.

 We met up with Amelia after she got off work to see the lights on temple square. We walked past these beautiful window displays at Macy's (all made out of candy!) on our way there.

 We almost didn't get up to see the Christus because the line was so long, but I'm so glad we waited those "five more minutes." It was so special to see those sweet kids listening to the testimonies of Christ that the missionaries shared and to talk to Shae about what the marks in the hands and feet of the Savior mean. 
Excuse the funky coloring in these ones, but it was the only way I could figure out how to manipulate the dark pictures so that you could see something other than a lit up Christmas tree, ha!

What a perfect place to spend an evening during the week of Christmas!

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