Saturday, November 14, 2015

Lately: Part II

About a month ago I wrote this post with random pictures and things going on. I had planned to immediately do a part two post with other pictures I had. That never happened, so some of these pictures aren't necessarily "lately," rather, "in the past few months." Potato, Po-tah-to.

Something that IS going on lately is this girl up on her feet. About the second after I posted her 8 month post about how she was always up on her knees, she decided that her knees were no longer doing it for her. She loves being up on her feet. Which meant, it was time to lower the crib.

Last month was all this:

This month is all this:

Not necessarily making faces with her brother in the window, rather standing up. She can reach quite a bit more now and is in to everything. How did she get so big so fast?

 Shae was playing with his buddy Eppie one evening. I peeked in and saw them kneeling by the bed saying a prayer together, then they jumped in bed and pretended to be asleep. It was pretty precious.

This is a good representation of Shae's life. One minute he is breaking down about putting his underwear on...

The next he is happy and goofy, posing like the boss he is.

Conference selfie with our boy. He thinks we are SO cool.

October was full of lots of baseball. 

Shae found my jewelry box one day and loved it. Lately we also get ready for the day together. He sticks his fingers in my contact solution and pretends to put contacts in his eyes, puts foundation and powder on (a little little little bit), lotions his face, and I pretend to put mascara on him using the tube. He loves it. 

Firefighter story time. Rocking the backwards fire hat.

Shae has occasionally started to nap again (thank heavens!), but if he doesn't nap and we go anywhere after 4 p.m., this is bound to happen.

Sequence date night turned into seeing who could toss the most chips onto the other person's hand. 

We have a path right behind our apartment complex that goes through the woods. We enjoy walking through there while sweeping leaves, fighting dragons, and putting out fires. Amazing what you can do with a stick.

Just this past Thursday, our full-length mirror fell off of our door. B was loving it, until it fell over and broke.

Not much actually fell out but this one did some damage:

I somehow managed to walk right in to it and it made it's way right into the bottom of my right foot. It bled quite a bit, all the while the kids were crawling/running around. My friend Jenessa came over and saved us and took care of us so that I could clean off.  It did stop bleeding after I put pressure on it for awhile but has been somewhat swollen and bruised ever since. Darin has been super daddy/husband since it happened. He stayed home on Friday and let me sit on the couch with my foot up while he cooked, cleaned, took care of potty trips, naps, messes, etc. He did the same today. He's a rock star.

That's what's been going lately.

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