Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween Night (and night before)


Super Daddy and Super Shae!!
(Thanks Grandma Tammie for the capes!)

And...Bathtub Shower (as Shae called me) and Loofa baby!!

Together we are...

The Squeaky-Clean Super Self Squad!

 Friday night our branch had a little Halloween party. Darin made some bomb White Chicken Chili (thank you Food Nanny for coming through again--and Amelia for gifting us the best cookbook known to man). Shae decorated cookies and went trick-or-treating around the building. Then ran around like a maniac with his little pirate buddies (three of them were pirates), and firefighter, and Harry Potter.

Halloween night. 
Here's a closer look at our little Super Boy.

He's been doing this pose a lot lately and it kills me every time.

Waiting patiently for candy...and no candy.

Shae and his pirate pal Eppie.

It was a very Happy Halloween!

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