Thursday, November 5, 2015

8 Months

8 month happy face:

8 month serious face:

8 month toothy goofy face:

The biggest "new" thing this month is that she is always up on her knees.

Always trying to reach something or mooch something from someone.

She is doing much better with the knees now, but the first half of the month she would pull herself up and then start crying because she couldn't figure out how to get back down.

She is quickly figuring out how fun it is to pull the books off the shelves, the towels off the oven, the shampoo off the edge of the bathtub. Oh yes, we've entered THAT stage. The one where they want everything except for the easily accessible toys laying right in front of them--Boring!

B's current favorite toys seem to be the DVD player, junk mail, and the fishing puzzle (she also loves the magnet fishing pole). Her favorite room of the house is easily the bathroom. She books it in there as soon as we've walked away without shutting the door. 

While speedily crawling around the tiny apartment, she manages to bump her head a ton. She crawls right into the couch, the toilet, chairs, etc.

She STILL can't seem to fully shake the cradle cap.

Can sit herself up after crawling around.

She has just recently gotten good at the pincer grasp and can now easily pick anything up and put it in her mouth. When you think your floors are clean... a baby will always make you think otherwise.

She, like most babies, is a lover of food.

Noticing her prey (the cracker, not Shae):

Locks in on it:

And she pounces!:

Every. Time.

She loved canned green beans for the first part of the month, like, devoured them. She doesn't seem to be AS big a fan anymore. She still eats just about anything we give her. She loved the spaghetti we had this month and the lunch leftovers for a few days after.  We did a bit more spoon feeding this month since there were days that she seemed to be teething and just didn't want to eat food that she had to work on with her gums. 

She hasn't been able to focus as much on nursing lately. She is just SO into the world around her. She'll eat for a couple seconds and then pop off to check out something in the room. I have had to leave the room to nurse her somewhere else if Shae is around because she cannot get enough of him goofing off next to her. 

When she was having a hard time sleeping one day, I walked in the room and she was crying like this. It's just so hard to get down once you're up.

Most of the month she was sleeping in until 7:30/8. This past week she has been waking up closer to 6:30/7. (Curse you daylights savings!) She is usually ready to go down for the night around 6:30. We've had to start putting her down in our room again because she just can't stay asleep when Shae goes to bed an hour or so later. I feed her and move her to her bed around 10 and then she wakes up around 3 a.m. to eat. Part of me wants to drop that 3 a.m. feeding so badly, but the other part of me (the part waking up in the middle of the night) says that it is just easier to quickly feed her and put her back down rather than rock her, rub her, let her cry, etc. and not know how many nights that will last or if it will even make a difference in the end. Plus, on the days that Darin doesn't go in before the sun comes up, we still like to put her in the living room after that 3 a.m. feeding so that she can actually sleep until 8 (or whenever she is ready to get up) and not at 6:30 when Shae wakes up. Oh the joys of kids sharing a room. 

Finding time to edit during the day has gotten a bit more difficult lately.

She celebrated her first Halloween and rocked it as a loofa!

Happy 8 months to you!

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