Saturday, October 10, 2015

Lately...(aka: photo dump)

...we've been discovering all kinds of new parks.
...building lots of "houses." (Shae's favorite activity of his life thus far. He has always loved piling stuff up. Now we know that it is either a house or a pool. Depends on the day. And it's no longer just pillows and blankets and stuffed animals he piles up, he's started to bring all of his toys out to, one by one and throws them into a pile. Never in his room, always in the living room. At least doing it one toy at time keeps him busy for awhile).
 She occasionally ends up in the pile too.

...hanging out in his house during General Conference last week.

...during one session, Darin went back to help Shae go to sleep so that we could pay better attention. Helping the toddler go to sleep can be pretty exhausting. Needless to say, I was able to get quite a bit out of conference. 

...went to a pizza/bowling night for Darin's department. It was fun to meet other people in the program, and watch Darin make fun of everyone for talking about political science outside of school and then watch him spend the entire evening talking to people about political science. #nerd

Shae LOVED bowling. He used the kid's metal ramp for awhile but then realized that we weren't using it and wanted to start bowling like us. 

...woke up one morning far to early with Shae, but it all seemed worth it when Darin came back inside after leaving to catch the bus to tell us to come out and check out the rainbow. It was actually a double rainbow. Shae kept looking for it when we went outside later in the day.

...went to the Apple Fest downtown (in The Commons).  Apples are a pretty big deal around here. (Rightfully so, they are amazing).

Being, well, us, we didn't actually get anything with apple or maple but got really excited when we found this Colombian food cart in a little alley on our way back to the car. Latin food is what makes our hearts beat.

...really we didn't eat anything apple at the apple fest because we had just gone to the farm a week before where we didn't get to pick apples like we had planned because they were closing when we got there (thanks google for telling me the hours incorrectly). Instead of picking apples, we grabbed a bag that was in the little store and bought them. We then sat outside with the donkey's and ate sandwiches and apples.

There's more, but I'll stop here for now.

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