Friday, October 23, 2015

Don't Leave Fall!

So this happened on Sunday:

Thankfully it didn't last long. It happened randomly at three different times during the day, but nothing stuck and the past few days have been back in the 60s (although somewhat cloudy and gloomy still. I have a feeling this will be my life for quite some time).

I apologize for talking so much about the trees and the beautiful fall here, but I'm having this huge fear of the above being my life (but much much more intense) for the next 8 months. Probably won't be seeing many blog posts then...unless you want to see pictures of all the books we'll be reading and movies we'll be watching.

So yes, trees. Fall. We went for another walk around Beebee Lake last week (the lake in the middle of campus). We went to a different area of the lake this time. We only walked around for about 40 minutes before it started to drizzle.

Can't get enough of this girl all bundled up.

Or this handsome daddy.

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