Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Last week was a fun one. I love holidays. I love an excuse to try out old traditions and discover new traditions for our little family. I love that Shae is finally getting to the point where he can participate in the holidays with us, and get equally excited about the activities we do. 

Neither Darin nor I grew up with visits from the Easter Bunny. Both our families really tried to keep us focused on Christ, rather than the baskets full of candy, eggs, and bunnies. That is something that we both really appreciate from our childhoods. We're striving to follow our parents examples and do the same. With that said, I have to confess that I believe Easter candy to be the best candy that is sold all year. Um, hello Cadbury Eggs, Starburst Jelly Beans, and Reeses Eggs.  So much goodness. I don't believe enjoying a little Easter candy ever hurt anyone (a lot of Easter candy on the other hand...). My family also included dyeing Easter eggs into our FHE the week before Easter. As kids we loved hiding the eggs throughout the house and looking for them. (Our parents probably loved it because it kept us busy for long periods of time). I know that eggs really don't have anything to do with the resurrection, but I am a firm believer in family traditions and in spending quality time together. I believe this fully falls into that category. 

This year we dyed eggs with Shae. He was so excited about all the cups of colored water and even more excited when he got to plop eggs into them.

 We ended the evening with very few eggs that didn't have cracks in them. He really dropped them hard into the water.

We also followed an idea that I found here and here to read scriptures about what what Christ did each day during the week leading up to his resurrection. I really loved this activity (even though we got behind by a few days...) and hope that we can continue it each year. Shae was good and sat at the table with crayons and stickers while we read the scriptures. He then helped us put the papers up on the wall after we were done reading.

We also had the sister missionaries over for dinner one night. They showed us this year's Because He Lives video. It was quite entertaining watching it with Shae shouting "Je-us!" and "Mare!" (Mary) throughout the whole thing. 

On Saturday we got together with a bunch of friends from the Williamsburg ward and participated in an egg hunt. We did the same thing last year. Needless to say, Shae was a bit more excited about what was IN the egg this year. (Brilliant idea whoever put pennies and quarters in the eggs. Shae immediately said, "Quarlers! Gama! Bank!" because his Grandma Sharon always puts quarters in his pockets).

Mouth full of candy. He wasn't too happy when I took the basket away from him... His candy is now safely tucked away up in the cupboard and he has no idea. How much longer do you think we can get away with that?

On Sunday, between conference sessions, we met up with a couple of our favorite families and had a wonderful Easter dinner. We did the dinner at the Trichler's home. They don't have any kids of their own yet, but were so sweet and excited about putting out eggs for everyone else's kids to find. It was really sweet of them to do. The kids loved it.

Jessica and Spencer, who also do not have children yet, loved following Shae around pointing out where the eggs were. He couldn't have done it without them, quite literally.

Easter was really special this year because we were able to listen to our prophet and apostles speak. I love hearing them testify, as special witnesses of Christ, that he lives. It strengthens my own testimony and gives me strength and a desire to continue my own personal conversion to come closer to Christ and becoming more like him.  I'm thankful to know that he does live. I'm thankful for the gospel that brings peace and happiness to our home as we live it together, as a family, and individually. 

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