Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Week in Review

Last week was probably one of the busiest weeks that we've had in awhile. We had quite a few different activities planned with friends which made for an exciting week.

Tuesday: Besides having a blast in the rain that morning...We were invited to our friend Nicky's Passover dinner. It was my first Seder and I really enjoyed it. What a great experience to enjoy and learn from religious celebrations of other religions. While we were reciting the prayer I couldn't help but feel that we really were praying to God. I believe that God is God no matter what religion you belong to. Whether you are a Mormon, a Jew, a Catholic, etc. when we pray we are all praying to the same God. It was cool to feel his presence and love for us that night.

(No pictures of the Passover Seder but plenty of rain pictures...)


Wednesday: I made cakes during the day and that night brought them to mutual with the Young Women. We have a sister in our branch who is a cake decorating master and she was kind enough to show us her skills and share her AMAZING butter cream frosting recipe with us. I don't LOVE cake, but I do LOVE me some good frosting.

Thursday: We had dinner planned with the Sister Missionaries and our dear German friend Wiebke. She shared an office with Darin for a few months in the fall, then went back to Germany and was back for two weeks just recently. Dinner was good but after dinner was great. Darin shared with us the new Because Of Him Mormon Message and then shared such a powerful testimony of the Savior. Weibke had lots of questions so we spent the next hour talking and teaching and testifying along with our Sister Missionaries. It was a really special evening talking about our Savior with a friend whom we love so much.

Friday: This was the only evening that we didn't have something planned so we did what we do best, chose a movie on Netflix, made popcorn and enjoyed. (The Kings Speech is such a good movie!)

While watching the movie we dyed Easter eggs. This was our third Easter together and we had never dyed eggs together before.

These two were our favorites:

 Saturday: We started out with a busy morning. Darin went to the Stake Center to help with the Bishop's Storehouse food sorting and repartition. I had a much needed eye exam and spent way too long trying on different glasses (that has got to be one of the hardest decisions to make, maybe even harder than deciding to get married. Seriously, hard stuff right there).

In the afternoon we met up with some friends to do a little egg hunt at a local park. We tried to get a group picture with the kids before they started. As soon as all the kids were lined up Darin set Shae down hoping he would stand there for at least 3 seconds. Nope. His feet touched the ground and he was off.

And off he went...

We finally got him to go towards some eggs which he was excited to see waiting patiently on the ground for him.

This is his new face of perplexion...or something of that nature. He does it all. the. time.

Between all of our activities we found time to make Rugelach and Date Cookies for the Middle Eastern Feast we were invited too. Great food. Great company. Great evening.

Our host and hostesses son

Sunday started out beautifully because we got to go to church together (this rarely happens since Darin has to be there two hours before church starts). We had a beautiful sacrament meeting. In the middle of Sunday School however, we all got sent home because the bathrooms were flooding. That made for extra afternoon family time (and the fact that Shae would NOT take a nap when we got home made for even more). We had a wonderful Easter dinner with friends and then came home and watched Special Witnesses of Christ and talked to family.
Thanks Aunt Amelia for the cute outfit!

Feeling bad now that I didn't get a pic of Shae with dada...

Hope you all had a happy Easter!

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