Monday, April 14, 2014

Busch Gardens

Darin was able to get off of work a couple hours early on Friday and because we have awesome friends who love us enough to give us their month-of-April-only free tickets that came with their season passes...we got to go to Busch Gardens!

I felt like a little kid as we pulled into the parking lot, giddy as ever to ride some rides and have some fun. And fun, we did have.
While I was on the big swings with the big kids Darin took Shae over to the little swings. (I'm such a mom... totally dying over these adorable pictures of my baby on his first amusement park ride).

Darin and I hit up a few roller coasters as well. Including this crazy one that pauses for a few seconds before plummeting STRAIGHT down. I'm really wishing I had done this one again. It was quite thrilling.

Shae loved the train that took us from one country to another.

He also enjoyed some baby rides in the Sesame Street section of the park. It was almost eight o'clock by this point so he was starting to zone...

We love these guys!

 And we love stealing their kids for a snap shot of what our family might look like in seven years.

Such a wonderful afternoon! 

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