Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference Weekend

Well I know one thing is for sure, watching General Conference is just a tiny  bit harder to do with a little kiddo running around wanting your undivided attention. (And when I say a tiny bit harder I clearly mean: extremely, ridiculously, insanely-and lots of other "ly" adverbs- harder).

I was really wishing we were still in Utah to watch conference because the timing would have coincided perfectly with nap time. Instead we had a Shaesternator waking up from his nap right at noon as conference was beginning--obviously he didn't want to miss anything.

With that said, it was still a wonderful weekend at home with my boys and although neither Darin or I were able to 100% pay attention through it all, we were still inspired by many of the messages, touched by the spirit and were able to set new goals of improvement. We're both very excited to re-read/listen to the talks in the coming weeks.

Also, I am VERY thankful for the technology that allowed us to watch it in our own home, with toys and books surrounding us. I give my parents (and all the other parents) a lot of credit for taking us to the church building every six months to watch conference growing up. They experienced many "trials of faith" that I thankfully will not have to. (Although those picnic lunches at the church in between sessions with all the other families breaking out our ice chests and sharing food...that made it all worth it...coming from my own childhood memories that is).

Even though Conference begins at noon out here, we still kept with the "brunch tradition" of making a new breakfast recipe each conference. Darin tried out this Stuffed French Toast recipe (making a few slight changes). Holy sugar overload. It was intensely sweet (= DELICIOUS, in my humble opinion. What can I say, I'm a sugar addict. We all have our weaknesses). 

Did you want a closer look at that sugar-sin breakfast? Here you go:

Chocolate for breakfast?! Whhaaatttt.

The three talks that stood out to me the most thus far were:

 Elder Uchtdorf's-- The Lord does not expect us to be less grateful in times of trial. Be thankful IN our circumstances and not just FOR things.

Elder Ballard's-- Importance of invitations and follow-up! (I'm a sucker for those missionary talks).

Elder Oak's-- This one really stood out to me about all the wonderful things that woman can do because of the priesthood.

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