Friday, April 10, 2015

Brother and Sister

I love that Shae has a little sister. He has been so cute with her...and a little rough too (lets be honest). Yesterday I was in the kitchen doing the dishes and look up to see Shae's blanket covering her face. I asked him to take it off and he just looked up and smiled at me. As attached to his blankie as he is, it surprises me how willingly he shares it with her. When she's asleep in the swing he likes to put the blanket over her legs and then sit on her legs...or he throws it on top of her while she is asleep in the pack n' play.

Pretty much any time I glance over at her he has placed something on top of her. He likes to stuff his matchbox cars under her legs and give her the baby doll to sleep with. A few times he has gone over to share his food with her.

Basically, I feel like my new mom job is to be Belén's bodyguard. I can't leave her side if she is on the floor. Shae wants to be doing whatever she is doing if she is on the floor. (But isn't it sweet how he grabs her hand! I didn't even tell him to do that! And how he is showing her her face in the mirror).

I lay down the swaddle blanket and he immediately jumps on it to be swaddled. (I told him to pretend to be asleep and he put his head to the side instead of looking at me, haha, because that is obviously what she does when she is asleep).


When I was taking pictures of Belén for her 1 month post, after I was done, I put her back on the couch and Shae immediately hopped on to the blanket and said, "Cheese! I turn!" (with his cup of milk in between his teeth of course, because he is Shae-the-milkman).


The other day he ran over to her and yelled, "I hold you Belén! Hold you! Hold you!" He started to pick her up. I went over and grabbed her and placed her in his lap. He immediately looks up with a big grin and says, "Mom! Picture! Cheese!" Oh man, this kid. He keeps us on our toes, but brightens our day like no one else could.

I'm excited to watch a friendship blossom between these two. Shae already loves her so much. In the morning he always asks, "Where Belén?" and he was so distressed today during nap time that she was crying that he couldn't sleep. He just kept yelling, "No! Belén!" I love his high squealy baby voice that he talks to her in (clearly he gets that from me). I just love that they are siblings. Hopefully they will too...

Total coincidence that I chose to write this post today and that it is National Sibling Day. Hope it's a good one for ya'll.

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