Monday, April 6, 2015

One Month

Little Miss is one month old!

The first month of Shae's life felt like an eternity to me. This past month, however, has gone by so fast! Here's why:

1. We had family with us for over half the month.
2. I didn't break my tail bone during labor. Overall, my recovery has been much better.
3. Nursing started out much smoother. She eats a lot faster than Shae did (probably because no nipple shield is involved).
4. We are already accustomed to waking up at the break of dawn and occasionally the middle of the night.
5. Belén is honestly just a better baby than Shae was (or maybe we just semi-know a little better what we're doing this time around? Who knows. Poor Shae. Always taking the blame).

At one month it's hard to say much about this little girl. She just does what babies do best: Sleep and eat. She is starting to be awake a bit more after her feedings lately. She likes to be swaddled up to go to sleep. Darin's "get her to sleep" method is usually light bouncing while I prefer to just hold her and pat her bum lightly. Sometimes all we have to do is hold her swaddled up and she'll fall asleep (if she isn't overly tired that is). 

The girl is long. Long toes. Long fingers. Long. She has already outgrown a few of her 0-3 month sleepers due to her length. 

She has already met quite a bit of family. Darin's mom and sister and all of my family other than Scott.

She's a pretty regular 3-4 hour waker at night. 

She puts up nicely with her brother patting her, trying to hold her, sitting on her in the swing, and driving his cars up and down her body.

The: "Okay I'm done with my arm around you."

As a newborn, Shae peed just about every time we changed his diaper, but he never spit up. Belén spits up quite a bit but never really pees while getting her diaper changed.

She isn't too fond of the car seat. She crys a lot when in it and doesn't ever stay asleep in it when we bring her inside from the car. She does however really like the baby wrap. 

We are pretty smitten with her, and soooo happy that she has joined our family!

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