Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Past Month

Updating the blog has gone way down on the priority list this past month. Plus, there hasn't been too much to blog about since all I've really been doing is wearing sweat pants everyday, letting other people clean my house, feed my family, and entertain my two year old...and a lot of nursing and diaper changes are thrown in there somewhere....along with holding and cuddling the baby...

All of our visitors are pretty much gone now (my family will come down in two weeks for a couple of days), which means that it's time to find our new normal. (We are both sssssooooo grateful to Darin's mom, Darin's sister, and my mom for staying with us this first month. I can't even believe that a month has already passed because everything has just gone so smoothly thanks to their help. We are forever indebted to them). 

This is my first full week alone with the kiddos. On Tuesday, we tried to take our first trip to the park. It only lasted for about 20 minutes since baby girl wasn't very content to just sit in her car seat and sleep like I had planned. Holding her while trying to help Shae in and out of swings and climb ladders just didn't jive. But hey, it's a start. We can't pass up the 70 degree weather today so I think we'll try again. Here's to hoping wearing her in a front pack works a little better. This is definitely going to take some figuring out, but I'm determined to figure it out. 

And now a massive photo drop so that these pics can be recorded and because I'm not creative enough to think of separate posts for any of them...

Working with Dad.

On the way to the doctors. She was 10 lbs. 7 oz. and 23 inches long at her 2 week appointment.

The oh so original baby sleeping on daddy's chest picture. But seriously, you sleep when you can. 

While Amelia was here we went out to the Cheese Shop for lunch. We stopped at Darin's office to get him and all the ladies came out to "oooooo" and "aaaaaahhh" at the baby. Shae hadn't really shown interest in the babe until everyone else was so interested in her. He went right over to the car seat and started giggling and pointing and rocking it...he sure does know how to get attention.

Yes. This is our son with his underwear on the outside, wearing a headband, while holding his sister's hand. #reallifewithatwoyearold.

Some pictures I stole from Amelia's phone because they were just too cute.

Our attempt at taking pictures with Grandma Tammie:

I think there are some better ones on her camera that I somehow didn't grab, but I did get these from their day out and about. 

Trying to get a selfie while they eat frozen yogurt. I love Shae's quizzical look.

While Darin's mom was here we took a super fast trip up North. Darin, Sharon, and Shae went up to Ithaca to check out Cornell. They dropped me in PA to visit my family (my sister is finally home from her mission!) We rented a van with the travel money from Cornell which was pretty fun. It had a DVD player which Shae loved.


Some pictures I took from Sharon's camera...these grandmas are really good at getting Shae to look and smile at the camera. Not really sure how they do it. (At story time).

Everybody rocking their BYU blue at Duck Donuts.

And then some red and white to show our excitement for the new school. (Feeling pretty disloyal to the cougs right now....the bright red is going to take some getting used to).

We put the girl in her W&M Tribe booties to make sure that all our schools were represented.

We're so proud of this guy for working so hard to get into a good PhD program. He's a stud. Excited to move to NY! (But not too excited for the oober long winters...)

And that's a wrap.

Wish me luck at the park.

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