Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fun in the Snow

We were so lucky to get snow while up in PA last week! Usually we are lucky to get snow by Christmas out here, so I was more than surprised to have snow for Thanksgiving. We did not pack in anticipation of snow, so we were not well prepared, but still had quite a bit of fun. Shae absolutely loved it. He could have stayed out there all day with wet feet and a red, runny nose.  

He was not, however, too fond of the idea of eating snow.

Have I ever mentioned how much Shae LOVES Uncle Philip? (Rather, Uncle Peep, as Shae likes to say). Philip sure can work some magic with that boy.

The boys quickly tried to teach Shae how to make and throw snowballs. 

Shae was SO excited about the massive Olaf that daddy was building. I loved watching him copy everything that Darin would do.

I can't lie, when I saw all the snow coming down on Wednesday I had a few moments where I thought, "Sweet! Our 5k will be cancelled!" As much as I was looking forward to it, running in the cold snow did not sound very appealing. In the end, I was very glad that it did not get cancelled. It was such a fun way to start out Thanksgiving. 

I obviously was not going for a medal, or even to make or beat my last 5k time...*cough* 7 months pregnant *cough cough*... My goal was to run at least half of it, preferably 2 miles. I was pretty stoked when I got to the end and hadn't stopped to walk once! Of course, people were walking as fast as I was "trotting," but still... I was proud of myself. I finished at 38 minutes, which I will not complain about. What I will complain about is the fact that there were no Porta Potties anywhere on the track. They couldn't have at least had one? For the pregnant lady? That might have made the run slightly  easier for me...

Darin finished at 29 minutes, granted, he "ran" with me for the first mile. We kept trying to have a conversation but he kept getting a few feet ahead of me and would have to slow down. It was sweet of him to want to run with me (even though I told him from the start he really shouldn't bother).  In the end, Darin came in 843rd place and I came in 1489th place, out of almost 2500 people, not bad right? (This 5k was SO much bigger than our last one. It took us a while to weave through all the walkers at the beginning. It was kind of insane, but once we got going we had plenty of space. It was a really pretty run, through the neighborhoods of Carlisle--which is an adorable town in the first place. People were outside sitting in their lawn chairs with blankets and coffee watching as everyone went past. I really felt like a celebrity for about .0035 seconds).

Before the race, trying to walk around and keep warm:

After the race, pretending to be cool:

I hope we can make this a family tradition as our kids get older. We definitely aren't "runners" in any sense of the word, but we like to think we are :). 

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