Friday, December 12, 2014

22 Months

I know I did a 21 month post last month and that there isn't THAT much that has changed since then (unlike that first year of life where one month is a BIG deal).  However, there are some little things that I really love about Shae right now that I wanted to make sure to document.

Poor kid has been really sick for the past month. Strep throat and yeast infection right before Thanksgiving. Last weekend we were pretty sure that he had croup. He had an awful cough and some really rough nights with fever, little eating, diarrhea, etc. He's doing mostly better now, still has a bit of a cold and a little nose infection that has been killing him, but we're crossing our fingers that we're on the upswing out of it all. 

Yes, I should have ripped off the bows, wasn't really thinking about it at the time...
1.  Shae is really into holding hands. Whenever we go anywhere he has to hold hands. When we take daddy to work in the morning he gets so excited to hold BOTH of our hands. I guess it's not just that he likes holding hands, but just the idea of the "-and" (hand, said with the slightest littlest "h" sound). When I am working at the table, he will come over, stick out his hand, say "-and", grab my hand and pull me over to play with whatever he is playing with on the floor. Pretty much anytime I try to get some work done while he is playing this happens. Really anytime he wants you to do anything now he does this.

Coming down the stairs after nap. He immediately said, "-and" and grabbed Flavabean's hand.
2. His favorite thing right now is piling up all the blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals.  He piles them, then moves them around, then piles them again, then pretends they are going night night, then pretends he is going night night, then adds a few cars to the pile...and it goes on.

Even while watching a show, he gets his pile together and lays on it.

3. Shopping carts are the worst. Thankfully Target and Lion King have "cool" carts that make shopping slightly easier. He loves the car cart that they have at Food Lion. It has made shopping much easier for me.

4. We always pray by the door before daddy leaves in the morning, but he has taken that to mean that we pray ANY time we leave the house. And why not? I did it as a missionary, I may as well do it as a mom too. I love seeing him run over to the door and immediately fold his arms.

5. If mama is cooking, he has to be cooking. He runs in, sees what I'm doing and starts shouting out "chair, chair, chair," until I get him one. He usually just plays in the drawers, or plays with the bowls and spoons and cheerios I give him to transfer from one bowl to another. A few days ago he made us a pretzel, lettuce, and clementine salad to have with dinner. It can sometimes make dinner prep a bit more stressful than I would like, but I (mostly) love having him there by my side trying to do whatever I do.

Just testing out the onion. (and his poor sick red eyes!)
6. Anytime he sees a Christmas tree he yells out, "Sana!" (Santa). He has clearly connected that Christmas trees and Santa go together. 

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