Thursday, December 18, 2014

December Festivities

On Saturday we went down to our stake center where they were holding a beautiful open house called A Night in Bethlehem. The cultural hall was set up with all kinds of different nativities. There were musical numbers, cookies, and hot cocoa. Shae's favorite part was the live nativity that was set up outside. I thought he would be a bit timid with the animals but he had no fear. Walked straight up to them and started telling them his life story.

A week or so ago, Colonial Williamsburg was putting on the Grand Illumination, which they apparently do yearly...and it's big. Fourth of July was PACKED, as was this. I mean, who wouldn't want to see fireworks shooting off simultaneously from three distinct locations at the beginning of December? I would have to say that these fireworks were even better than the Fourth of July fireworks. I really enjoyed them, plus, we brought Shae this time (much easier since the fireworks started at seven, rather than nine thirty). He loved it. He was squealing and hopping up and down. That definitely doubled the firework excitement for me. 

We also made sure to hit up the Williamsburg parade, which we missed last year. I love that Williamsburg does so much for the city to celebrate Christmas. I was thinking, "Why did we never go to a Christmas parade in Utah or Idaho, this is brilliant?" Then Darin reminded me of the temperature difference between Williamsburg and Idaho... I didn't get any pictures of the parade, but it was full of Christmas music, fun Christmas floats, cool cars/firetrucks and Santa!

We also finally made it to Yankee Candle to see Santa. Shae was a little hesitant at first. He warmed up quickly and had an entire jibberish conversation with him.

So many fun things to do in December. May the festivities continue.

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