Friday, December 5, 2014

Thanksgiving Recap

I guess I should hurry up and post the rest of our Thanksgiving pictures before we get too much farther into December. 

The week seemed to go by too fast. I feel like I didn't get to "relax" as much as I had hoped. Shae got strep throat a few days before we left so he was getting over that. Darin got pretty sick for a few days while we were there. I had a ton of work to do and was busy with that during the day. I had all kinds of goals of finishing our Christmas stockings, watching a Christmas movie, finishing the book I've been reading for months, etc. None of that happened. However, we still had some really great visits/talks with my family. We stayed up a bit too late a few nights playing Munchkins with my brothers and dad. We played in the snow. We cooked and ate tons of yummy food (Darin's turkey was so moist and flavorful!) Darin and I got to go on a date to see Mockingjay for free (perks of having a brother who works at a movie theater). Darin fixed the kitchen sink. We ran a 5k. Shae played and played and played and loved every second of it. I think my family will be finding matchbox cars throughout the house for weeks to come.

I get so jealous that my mom can sleep anywhere, through anything. Why wasn't that gene passed on to me? But I especially love it because Razz always hops right on top of her and sleeps right along with her.

I didn't get any food/Thanksgivingesque photos, but here's all of us on Thanksgiving evening while the Elders were still over to take a picture of all of us.

 Just because we never seem to have enough pictures of Philip and he's such a good lucking guy:

Thanksgiving games. Hard at play.

The focus.

Darin showing off his skillzzz. Using the good old blow dryer and everything. Multi-purpose tool right there.
(Thank you Sharon for being awesome sending Darin to Powell for a summer. It's paying off). 

 Isn't my camera awesome? Or maybe it's just me...Either way, they're a good looking crowd. So glad we got to spend time with them.

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