Monday, November 17, 2014

Trip to Lenoir

One of the many reasons I was excited to move to Virginia was that we would be so close to North Carolina. Being so close to North Carolina meant that we would be so close to my bosom college friend. I'm embarrassed to say that it took us over a year to finally plan a visit to see them (with a visit in Charlottsville for a BYU game, and a visit in PA for a baby shower in the meantime). 

We picked the dates and were very excited to travel the beginning of November so that we would be able to admire all of the beautiful fall trees while driving. The drive was absolutely gorgeous. It didn't even feel like an almost six hour drive, thanks to the beautiful colors and scenery that surrounded us. Shae took control of the radio, so we ended up listening to Disney and Sesame Street music most of the way (welcome to the next 10 years of our lives right? If not longer). With the music on, he did a great job (even though his neglectful parents never changed his diaper and he was soaking wet when we got to NC...sorry kid...).

It was a quick weekend trip, so we kept things pretty simple. Took some Christmas pictures and played outside on Saturday. Shae had a blast following Rapunzel around, although he wasn't too keen on sharing the few toys he brought with her.

We visited a cute little old church right outside of town. 

The kids obviously enjoyed jumping in the leaves outside of the church the most.

After the church, we walked around downtown Lenoir. Super small, but super cute. They live in such an adorable town. I couldn't get over the scenery, with all the hills and trees. Beautiful. It made me realize how flat it is where we live.

So glad that I finally got to meet this chunk of cuteness.

How did we get so old? How do we have 3 1/2 kids between the pair of us? Who are we?

It's crazy to think that I've known Molly for almost 10 years. Just about all of my favorite BYU memories include her in them. On Friday night, we made a late night Walmart run to grab some things we thought we forgot (that we didn't actually end up forgetting in the end...). It totally reminded me of being back at school. Late night. Walmart. Buying deodorant and other random essentials on a Friday night because we could. Milkshakes afterwards. Laughs and fun chats.

I doubt we'll ever live so close to these guys again, which makes me really sad, but all the more grateful that we took this little family journey down south.

(Feeling slightly guilty that we didn't try Bojangles! I couldn't believe that almost EVERY exit we passed in NC had a Bojangles).

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