Thursday, November 13, 2014

Red, White and Blue

I never did a Fourth of July post. You know why? Because I didn't take any pictures. And a recap of a not overly unique day with no pictures is just not cool. 

Two weeks ago when I got some pumpkin picking pictures from our friend, I asked her if I could snag some old pictures of us she had as well. I am in love with these pictures. I can't stop looking at them. Maybe because Shae still has his wild curls, maybe because I'm skinny, maybe because Darin is sexy (as always)...I don't know, but I love them and I'm so grateful she took them. This day now deserves to be remembered. 

We basically did the norm to celebrate. Awesome barbecue with awesome food and awesome friends. Then Darin and I went over to Colonial Williamsburg to watch the fireworks.  Holy lots of people. Like, for real. I mean Stadium of Fire in Provo is crazy, but I didn't expect CW to be so packed. As in wall to wall people down the entire colonial street and all of its side streets. I guess it makes sense though right? What better place to celebrate America than the place where America started. 

Our friends decided against taking their kids and let us leave Shae at their place (which is great since they live right down the street from CW and we could walk right over and avoid all traffic). I felt slightly bad leaving him because I would have loved to see his reaction to the fireworks, but honestly, I doubt his reaction would have been worth a cranky sleep-deprived baby the next day. Maybe next year. 

Happy almost half birthday America.

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