Sunday, November 2, 2014


Halloween became A LOT more fun this year. We had a blast taking Shae trick or treating. 

I was worried that he would throw a fit when I tried to put him in his awesome $5 thrift store Tigger suit.  I was POSITIVE that he wouldn't wear the hood. I was wrong. I guess the week prep of showing him Winnie the Pooh/Tigger videos really did help. (And now all he wants to watch is Tig-ah). He loved his costume! He got so excited to be Tigger and didn't even mind the hood one bit! Say what!?!? Sometimes these oh so predictable children of ours can be just a bit unpredictable. 

Thursday evening we did a pre-trick or treating run at Frat Row (the street on campus where all of the Fraternity/Sorority houses are). There are only about six houses, so it wasn't too much for the boy's little legs. There were tons of college students outside of the houses with bowls of candy and games set up for the kids to play. It was fun to hear them oooo and aaaa and giggle and squeal at all of the costumes/adorable little kids walking around.

Trying to get these two to smile in a picture is like me trying to fit in Shae's Halloween costume. Not gonna happen.

Okay, I guess that last one will do.

We even let him have a piece of candy after it was all said and done. Aren't we just nice parents?

Friday we suited him up once again and went to a big neighborhood with some friends. 

 He had a little pumpkin that he was supposed to use to put his candy in, but of course the day of we couldn't find it. Instead he used his all-purpose toy. He used it as a sand bucket over the summer too after he lost his other "real" sand bucket. (He was really excited about the "bu-boos" (bubbles) he received from this house).

 Our friends just had a baby three weeks ago. Love this costume they put together.

His favorite thing of the entire evening had to be these two glow sticks that he was given.  He LOVED them. Coolest thing ever. I was loving these awesome parents for giving him glow sticks, play dough, bubbles and animal crackers... that WE can enjoy all of this goodness.  Just kidding, sort of. 

Halloween=Success. Bring on the Christmas music. 

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