Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New Dresser

Not really a "new" dresser, per se, but it sure does look like it. Darin has been wanting to stain this wonderful, beautiful, awesome dresser that Mama S. gave us (Because she's awesome and loves us and wanted our clothes to have a safe place to sleep at night). He's been wanting to do it for a good long time now. He finally found some time to do it. He stripped it. Sanded it. Stained it. Varnished it. 

 He took a rain break for a week or so. Shae loved using it as a play house.
 And voila! He finished it. 
I love it! It's an old dresser, so it obviously still has some stretch marks and wrinkles, but the stain is so much better than the white paint. 

And it even sort of matches our bed frame that we were given by some friends who were getting rid of it. Look at us, stepping up in the world. No longer sleeping on the box spring and mattress alone after three years of marriage AND a semi-matching dresser! We're going places people. Watch out. (And don't mind that that picture is totally not centered. We've moved our bed a few times now and the picture has yet to be moved...like I said...we're going places :).

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