Friday, May 30, 2014

How Do You Get a Farmer's Tan?

So much for keeping up on the blog while we were on vacation. I had high hopes.

Now I have no idea where to start with my catch up...

Okay, I just decided. We'll start with what was probably my favorite day (and the longest and hottest) of the whole vacation.

It all started early Saturday morning. The Rackham's, who we were staying with for the weekend, just bought (built) a new house. Their landscaping deadline was quickly approaching so we decided to help. Nothing like picking up big rocks and carrying them across the street to start off the weekend. Not sure that we were really that much help but it was still fun to work with them.

Next we met up with Darin's family to watch Derek's football game. Despite getting some major sunburns and a frustrating lost, we had such a good time catching up with family. It was wonderful to see Shae interact with his cousins Kyler and Claire. Shae obviously doesn't really understand the whole family thing quite yet, but it was fun to see Claire understand and get so excited to see baby Shae and baby Shae's mom, as she called us. Kyler is so great with the little cousins and we had a blast talking to him, rather, listening to him.

Shae wanted to do everything that the big kids were doing...

...And have water poured all over him courtesy of Grandma Sharon.

Such a good looking crowd. Just missing one face :(. (Sad we didn't get to see Devin!)

Love these cute faces! 

I think I'll save the rest of the day for tomorrow...

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