Friday, May 16, 2014


This little boy of ours is on the go...constantly. Every night before going to bed the same thought crosses my mind: What am I going to do to keep the boy busy tomorrow?

As I was pondering on that thought the other day Amelia suggested some things that we could do here in SLC. We took her up on few of her suggestions and when the morning came ventured out to Liberty Park. If only we had a Liberty Park right down the street from us at home. Greatest park we've been to to date. (Plus the weather was pur-fect which made it all the better).

We walked around for a good while, passed Tracy Aviary and saw a few of the gorgeous birds that you can see from the outside. We also passed quite a few areas with fountains that I imagine are really fun to play by when the water is turned on. Stopped to play at a really cool playground where Shae literally played with the mulch in this house for a straight 15 minutes.

Then on our way back to the car we found the geese and ducks. Oh my heavens. We could have easily stayed there the rest of the day.

One of the first words that we are picking out from Shae's limited vocabulary is something to the effect of "dock-ie." Originally I thought he was saying daddy. Then I was positive that he was doggie. While playing with the ducks I realized I was saying duckie and how similar that sounds to daddy and doggie. I immediately stopped calling them duckies and began calling them ducks. You know, just trying to help a kid out. It's a tough thing learning a language (Can you imagine if we next went and saw some donkeys. If I were him I would start calling every animal "dock-ie" at that point.

(This reminded me of one of my MTC ESL students asking me to pronounce "lemonade" "laminate" and "lamanite"'s a tough world we live in).

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  1. When he goes around my house saying dock-ie, it does in fact mean doggie.