Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Church History Museum

After our wonderful morning at the park we decided to spend the afternoon wandering around temple square. Amelia suggested that we check out the Church History Museum as well and that is just what we did. What a spectacular museum. I didn't get to look around the "adult" history as much as I would have liked but the "kid" history section made up for it, it was incredible. Shae probably could have stayed for hours if I hadn't dragged him away.

There was a little kitchen with all kinds of toys and food and a table to the side that you could set up for family dinner. Shae is really into lining up cups lately so he really enjoyed this section.

Next to the kitchen is a little fruit and vegetable garden and next to that were chickens laying eggs (not real ones, obviously) where the kids could go pick the eggs.

There was a fun section with dolls lined up that you could change their clothes and play with.

Noah's ark. 

A little truck with tons of puppets in the back. 

If you haven't been, make sure to stop there the next time you are in Salt Lake City and are looking for some free fun for your kiddos. 

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