Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Prom Night

We made a quick trip up to PA this past weekend, well, Shae and I did. Darin dropped us off and continued on to Ithaca, NY where he attended a Southeast Asia conference being held at Cornell. Lucky for me and Shae, my parents live right on the way.

We found some time on Saturday where almost all of us could go to the park (Philip had already left for work). 

The difference between a boy and a girl on prom day is that you'll never find a girl playing with her nephew at a park 45 minutes before she has to meet up with her prom date.

We hurried home after the park, A.J. took a quick shower, threw on some clothes, combed his hair and was on his way. 

A.J. was on prom court so there was a chance (a highly likely chance he told us in the most humble fashion) of him becoming prom king. Family was allowed to watch the announcement and we weren't about to miss the opportunity of seeing our little bub be crowned king. We went on our way to Hershey where the prom was being held and about half a mile away from where it was being held this happened:

^^This quickly turned into this, due to our spare tired being rusted to the piece holding it up under the van. We couldn't get it down, the nice man who stopped to help us couldn't get it down, the AAA guy couldn't get it down...it wasn't pretty. 

During all of this Shae and I quickly walked up to the museum where prom was being held but had already missed the court festivities. Sadly, A.J. was not crowned prom king and made us go through this four hour craziness for nothing.

We got to ride in a massive tow truck which was the excitement of the day. 

We came home after the long outing happy to see that the pizza dough that was left rising on the counter for WAY to long looked unharmed. Threw some cookies in the oven as well because after that kind of a day all you really need is a good chocolate chip cookie. Sat down to eat at 9pm and thought about A.J. who was on the dance floor bustin' a move through the entire fiasco.

Crazy day.

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