Monday, February 3, 2014

Mama's Lil Helper

Getting things done around the house with a wee one around sure is an adventure. Shae seems to really be interested in whatever it is that I am doing, as most babies seem to be when they see their mothers doing something as cool as vacuuming or cleaning the toilet. Who wouldn't  want to be right there doing those things with them?

There are times when I try to get things done and Shae is super cranky (like as of late with a whopping five teeth coming in at once. Poor boy). These times can try my patience a bit as he pulls my sweatpants down while standing at my legs tugging while I try to do the dishes or cook or when I'm trying to finish a quilt and he would REALLY prefer that I didn't.

And then there are the moments where he isn't super cranky and he just wants to be a part of whatever it is that I'm doing. Like when I'm loading the dishwasher and I look down to see him take out a spoon that I just loaded, suck off any food that is still left on it and then place it on the floor before grabbing another one. Sometimes you've just got to step back and smile and enjoy the "help" that the wee ones are always so willing to offer (and then push them away, grab all the silverware and close the dishwasher all in the same breath before they come back over and start doing the same thing all over again).

I had another one of those moments a few days ago when I finally decided it was time to get my safety pins back and took apart Shae's loofa costume. He had fun with that project.

 These pictures are from back when Shae was eight months old. With all the changes that Shae goes through on a weekly basis it's nice to know that this one thing will probably not change for awhile (that is, until he's a teenager who refuses to do the dishes or help clean the toilet). 

I get really excited thinking of the day when Shae will actually be able to help with the dishes and cooking, when we can pull a chair up to the counter and work together. But until that day comes I'll just have to enjoy the helper who would prefer to stick their hands in the toilet bowl or undo all the freshly folded laundry. Sure does add an extra element of excitement to the mundane everyday work.

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