Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Birthday Boy

Shae is currently sitting on the floor with a book, flipping the pages and letting out a little giggle at each page. The kid cracks me up, and himself apparently. (Unless he is REFUSING to even try my homemade Mac N Cheese that I made with him in mind. He won't even let any of it touch his lips and it's kind of driving me crayyyy-z). 

Shae was teething quite a bit the weekend of his birthday (and quite possibly already feeling the oncoming stomach flu? who knows). He wasn't his usual happy, silly self which was kind of a bummer. He was really serious, but more like "in a trance" serious. Not gonna lie, I was a bit bummed that he didn't really get into the cake AT ALL. I had high expectations for that cake getting smashed to pieces and rubbed all over his little body. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to have another kid someday and hope that they can fulfill my baby-cake-smashing dreams.

As you can clearly tell from the lumps, I made the cake all on my very own. I've never made anything other than a 9x13 box cake with canned frosting so I was excited to try something different. I tried to make a somewhat healthy cake considering we had been working so hard to keep him away from sugary/fatty foods for a good 365 days prior, it just seemed wrong to not try. Maybe that's why he didn't like it, who would  like a Whole-Wheat Cake? It was still fun to make a cake from scratch.

The best smile we saw all day:

This is what he looked like the rest of the day:

We had some of Shae's best buddies over for lunch and just to hang out for a bit and even though we told them not to bring presents they are so sweet and did anyways.

 Yes, it looks like this onsie is going to fit me just perfectly.

Shae always used to cry at the library when they would take the shakers away. He finally got some of his own shakers! Rather, Moo-racas!

We played one game that I had seen previously on my friend Merricks blog. I put up all 12 pictures of him from his first year and everyone had to try and put them in order. I couldn't even get it 100% correct. Those middle months, six and seven, so hard to tell apart.

And it wouldn't have been a real birthday without a little baby's first kiss action going on. Lydia laid it right on him as they were leaving and Charlotte was fast enough (or the kiss was long enough?) for her to snap this shot. 

It has been one heck of a year. I love being this little boy's mama and I think he's mostly happy to be our son as well, I like to think so anyways.

And somehow this is the only picture of Shae and Grandma Tammie that we ended up snapping. She drove down from PA to surprise him. We all really enjoyed her visit (and the Cafe Rio that she brought down from MD to make her surprise a little more exciting for all of us...not that we wouldn't have been excited if she hadn't brought Cafe Rio, but still, good move Mom).

(A big thank you to Charlotte and Alejandra for the pictures! You girls are awesome!)

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  1. Great pics! The picture of Shae after the best smile picture, the one of how he looked the remainder of the day reminds me of old Alka-Seltzer (sp.) commercials. He appears to have that "I can't believe I ate the whole thing" look on his face.

    Love you three!