Monday, February 24, 2014

School Tradition

I think I speak for my entire family when I say that I am SO glad that last week is over. It was a rough sick week for our little family.

Shae had it the worst. The runs, the was so sad. He has been living off of applesauce and bananas for a week now because that is the ONLY thing that he will eat. He won't even try anything else (which is kind of killing me). This morning he finally tried some oatmeal and strawberries and ate that so I'm hoping he's finally done with this sickness.

As if having a sick baby isn't bad enough Darin and I decided to join in the fun on Wednesday night. We had the vomits as well which just happened to be the night that Shae had it the worst. He went through so many sheets in a two hour period, which was interesting since we only have two crib sheets so we used one of our queen sheets. By 1am he was back on the first sheet that he had originally been on, freshly cleaned. Man, what a night. It was a total team effort getting through that night.

Poor Shae has just been so cranky, understandably so with all that his little body has been going through.

We were doing great with weaning, but that was thrown out the window since it was all he would drink and all he wanted and I was fine with that since he wouldn't eat anything else. Back to square one. 

With that said, we were all excited for the beautiful weekend weather that got us out of the house for a bit where we had been stuck most of the week.

A co-worker of Darin's worked as a tour guide at William and Mary while doing his undergrad and was kind enough to walk with us around campus and point out some cool things about the school. I walked around parts of campus I had never been to before, it's a much bigger campus than I realized, and absolutely gorgeous!

We picked a great day to walk around because we got to see the many W&M students enjoying in a famous school tradition where they basically get dressed up in a costume, get plastered and then hit golf balls around the Sunken Garden on campus. It's a REAL school tradition/activity, you have to register beforehand which surprised me. I had assumed it was one of those "unwritten" traditions which they seem to have many of as well. It was quite entertaining to watch. One of those subtle  reminders that we aren't at BYU anymore (and the fact that we were the only people pushing a stroller around campus).

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