Monday, October 29, 2012

Life Through My NEW Sony Camera!

Ask my family and they will tell you that one of the first things that I do every single time I go home to visit is pull out the home movies and scrapbooks. I LOVE watching our home movies. I LOVE looking through our baby books and scrap books. I consider them to be such precious memories that in most cases, I wouldn’t remember without help.

I’ve always loved journal writing for that same reason. Preserving the memory. Maybe you have a stellar memory, but frankly, I do not. I NEED journals and movies and pictures to help me. (Besides, even if you do have a good memory, who doesn’t love to go back and look at their awkward preteenager days? So fun!). (My only question is, what happens to these piles and piles of journals that I have when I die? Question for a different entry…).

Some people might think it’s silly to see so many pictures on facebook and instagram of what someone eats, wears and where they are. I say, BRING IT ON. Memories. Those places, food and clothes when looked at 5 years from now will surely remind you of an experience, a feeling, a joke, something. Something that you wouldn’t necessarily remember without the picture. I think it’s great.

Something I knew I wanted before having a baby was a new camera. My camera is oooollllldddd (if you couldn’t tell from the picture quality of the fotitos on my blog). The battery dying after an hour of usage was the final straw. Thanks to amazing family who love us so much, we were able to save up our birthday money and use it towards a new camera which we bought this weekend. It’s nothing super fancy spancy, but compared to what we had, it’s like an upgrade from a Motel 6 to a Hilton, and we (I) can’t get enough of playing around with it. You don’t believe me?


I can't wait to capture every little detail of our little baby on this new camera Until then, you'll have to deal with every little detail of me and Darin. And really, who's not excited about that?

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