Thursday, October 11, 2012

Planning Ahead

Look at that organization. I even put little bits of masking tape on the containers with our names on them. 

The goal by Sunday night is that our fridge look like this. That we have all of our dinners packed up and ready to go for us to grab on our way out of the door each morning.

One of my biggest fears with school this semester was food. I know that sounds like a silly concern, but food is pretty important to both Darin and I (and baby boy who doesn't let me skip a meal, which I might have gotten away with in my previous life). Monday-Thursday, the earliest we get home is a little bit after 8pm on Thursdays (the other days at least an hour and a half later). We leave dark and early in the morning and are gone pretty much all day. 

The plan: make meals on Friday/Saturday/Sunday (usually turns out to be 2 of those 3 nights) and pack up the leftovers to eat throughout the week. I've been pretty proud about how our little system has worked out thus far. There have only been a few nights where we've run out of food early and had to grab the ramen noodles to hold us over for the night. 

Not gonna lie, I'd much rather be eating a sit down meal at home on real plates rather than sitting on a bench on campus eating out of Tupperware with plastic forks, but for right now, this is what works and I'm proud to say that it works well. 

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  1. LOVE this. I need to do this, only with lunches...

    And thanks for the sentiment - life doesn't have to be totally picture perfect right here, right now. I think that's the great lesson to be learned in everyone's life at one point or another - and to make the best of it and love it!