Saturday, October 20, 2012

Monster Mash

Last  night we had a little fall shindig. Actually I guess it wasn't completely a "shindig" because according to the urban dictionary a shindig is:

A small party, not quite full scale. Generally a shindig consists of 5-20 people hanging out at the host's house, but they may be held at other locations such as a beach. A shindig usually does not escalate into a large full scale party because it is meant to be a low key night. Shindigs almost always involve alcoholic beverages, usually beer. Often, marijuana is smoked as well. 

So yeah, I guess it was only partially a shindig. The "low key, small party" part. Anywho... now that we know what a shindig is...

Our "shindig" included a yummy fall dinner of corn bread, salad and my new favoritest chili. After which we carved pumpkins, ate donuts, drank apple cider and made caramel apples.  Such a perfect way to celebrate this beautiful time of year.

Without further ado, PICTURES. Let's start with the winning costume of the night. Cutest piñata! Kaitlin has got to receive the Best Halloween Mom award for making this thing.

Holy cuteness!

I'm so obsessed with this little man. He makes me so excited to have my own.



Happy Fall!

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