Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Four Month Sleep Regression

It's real.

Our sweet darling perfect sleeper of a daughter is turning on us. We had the pleasure of witnessing every hour on the clock last night.  We saw the 12, then the 1, then the 2, you get the idea. It was a long night.  The two previous nights were only slightly better.  I blame rolling, breaking out of the swaddle, and the four month mental boom.

Shae was such an awful sleeper from the start that I always welcomed each new phase, praying that it would make him a better sleeper. I couldn't wait for him to "get older" month to month because surely that would mean that he would sleep better (little did I know). With Belén I've kind of dreaded her "getting older" because she has been so enjoyable (and easy!)

We started with baby-sleeping-perfection. Swaddled up with a light blanket on top.

She quickly moved to the side lie.

And before we knew it (like, within a day) she was on the belly.

She was already breaking out of her swaddle--because she's just big and buff like her daddy--so we knew we needed to start the "unswaddle" process anyways. A few days ago we started leaving one arm out.

Just today we started leaving both arms out.

She doesn't roll back to her back yet, so once she rolls over, she's stuck.  And the thing is, she immediately rolls onto her belly when we lay her down. IMMEDIATELY. She doesn't seem to put much thought into it. She wakes up every two hours or so...who knows why, but she didn't do it before so I blame the belly. Here's to hoping that having her arms free will make things more comfortable. Please? Pretty please?

She sometimes just ends up in bed with us because that is the only way she will stay asleep. As much as I love having this view when the sun comes up, sleeping on the very edge of the bed is not the most comfortable thing.

 She wouldn't be a baby if she didn't keep her parents up all night and show no sign of damage to herself the next day. Oh this girl. 

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