Monday, June 15, 2015


I think we are far enough past our anniversary now to stop using it to justify everything we do.  "It's our anniversary next week, let's go to Atlanta" "It's our anniversary next week, let's buy dessert with this dinner too" "It was our anniversary last week, let's continue our Chinese-anniversary tradition and go and get some." "It was our anniversary last week, let's stay in a hotel." (These last two were while we were in Ithaca last week. We probably would have stayed in a hotel and bought food anyways, but it just felt more justified with the anniversary giving us permission).

Anna ended up having to work the day of our anniversary, so the Saturday before she stayed with the kids for a couple of hours so that we could go out. We even dared to leave our daughter who only wants to drink her milk from the source. We left a bottle and Anna said she actually managed to drink quite a bit of it (yay!). We stayed close by just in case she couldn't handle the bottle, plus Anna had to work later in the afternoon so we kept it quick. 

We went and played min-golf at the Pirates Cove. I have wanted to go here ever since we moved here. It looked like a really fun min-golf course, and it was! 


I beat Darin, just for the record.  After golf, we went to Chick-fil-A and used our two "Free Chicken Sandwich" coupons that we got in the mail, big spenders right there (well, considering we had spent so much money on the rest of our "anniversary" we figured it was time to be a bit more responsible). I'm slightly dying inside because there is no Chick-fil-A in Ithaca, in fact, there is only one Chick-fil-A in the entire state of New York. What and Why?

I can't believe that it has ONLY been four years since our wedding day.  Which means that it's only been five years since Darin and I met. I feel like we've always known each other. I can't imagine life without this crazy by my side.

Our actual anniversary fell on a Tuesday. It was spent being parents, aka, putting the kids to bed then chowing down on new flavors of Ben & Jerry's ice cream while watching more of Gran Hotel (only five more episodes! What will I do without this show in my life?)

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