Monday, June 15, 2015


We went up to New York last weekend to look for housing. It was quite possibly one of the most depressing things I have ever done in my life time. Okay, I might be exaggerating just a little, really, just a very little. I had done my research, made the phone calls, returned the emails. Our two days were booked with different places to see. I was so confident that one of those places would be our first home in New York. Then we started looking at places. The first place we looked at had dead bugs covering the stairs to get to the apartment and smelled absolutely horrific. I should have taken this as an indication of how our day was going to go. One of the apartments we didn't even go in. We drove up to it, took one look at it (and the neighborhood) and left. Apparently our goal of staying as close to $1,000 as possible in rent = ghetto living in upstate New York.  Or we just looked at all the wrong places...

After looking at the twenty places I had lined up and feeling only semi-confident in one of them, Darin mentions, "Let's try this place that I found last night." Right before we headed out on Friday we swung by the apartment complex and are now in the process of signing a contract. It's smaller than I had hoped, but newer and nicer than any other place we saw. There are playgrounds all over the neighborhood. There is a beautiful view of the lake and Cornell across the way up on its very own massive hill. I'm happy with it. 

Needless to say, nothing was really picture worthy on our short trip other than Ithaca Falls.

Ithaca appears to be a really beautiful place. Very hilly which kind of makes me glad we don't have a stick shift car any more. I think we'll like it.  

On Friday we drove back down to my parents house in PA. Shae had stayed with them for the two days we were in Ithaca (thank goodness). Before leaving church my dad said he wanted to snap a few pictures with the kids.

Well, at least they smile when they take pictures with their grandparents...

Shae had a blast hanging out with his uncles for two days.

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