Thursday, February 19, 2015

Two Year Birthday

Shae's birthday was really nice. We had been singing "Happy Birthday to You" all week to prepare him. I was surprised how excited I was about celebrating his birthday. I really just love an excuse to celebrate.

The night before his birthday we put out a couple presents, some streamers, and balloons. When he woke up, we walked into his room singing "Happy Birthday." He seemed very concerned that we were both coming into his room, and so cheerfully. He got a bit angry and started saying, "No. Potty. No! Potty!" He was more excited when we walked down stairs and he saw the balloons and "pe-sents" on the floor. 

Putting all his quarters from Grandma Sharon in the bank.
We then whipped up some waffles and strawberries to eat before daddy had to leave for work. The day of his actual birthday was not very exciting. (He'll never know the difference). I had a doctor's appointment up in Richmond and then a Skype call for work in the afternoon. To make up for it, we had some friends over that evening. It was a pretty hectic day for me. We invited the missionaries over for dinner, then invited some friends from our branch over to do a birthday FHE with us, along with our neighbors.

I threw the cake together in about five minutes. I had envisioned a cake with a road and grass. I wanted to put some of his little cars on it...yeah, that did NOT happen. M&Ms were the easy decorating solution. I did make homemade buttercream frosting though, so give me a little credit.

Our neighbors bought Shae this car, which he LOVES. It makes tons of loud noises and drives itself all over the floor. As soon as they left, Darin said, "I'm taking the batteries out of this." Of course I didn't let him, I mean, Shae was enjoying it so much!

A few days later we did another little birthday FHE with some of Shae's best buddies (and he just so happens to be wearing the same really was a different day).

Darin led the lesson and taught the kids "The Wise Man and the Foolish Man" song.

Then we played a few of Shae's favorite little games (Wake Up Bunny, London Bridges, Ring Around the Rosie, Freeze Dance).

Then it was cupcake time (and ice cream! We are obsessed with Blue Bell ice cream right now...especially the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. So so so good). And check out that fashonista pregnant lady back there. Darin's jersey's and maxi skirts from here on out people. 

I went ahead and put candles in all the kids cupcakes, because they all try to blow out the birthday person's candle anyways. Just seemed easier this way (Although I did give Shae two candles and everyone else just got one. Favoritism).

He seemed to enjoy himself quite well that evening. Thankfully he has been so much happier this week (pause in the teething?), which helped us all enjoy his birthday week to the maximum. Still can't believe that he is two...

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