Monday, February 9, 2015

Baby Shower for Baby Number Two

It's really starting to feel like my days as a mama to just this...

...are coming to an end.  We spent the weekend getting the house cleaned, rearranging our room to fit the pack n' play, pulling out swaddle blankets, monitor pieces, burp clothes, etc.  And when I say "we," I really mean Darin. He was amazing on Saturday and deserves all the credit in the world for scratching everything off the to-do list while I was out enjoying some solo shopping time and a friends baby shower. The to-do list was really for both of us, but he took charge and got it done (including checking to make sure we had all the breast pump pieces and that it still worked...he won't let me post the picture of him testing it out to see that it still worked, but seriously, he was on top of it all on Saturday).

I finished my babysitting job about a week ago, so lately it has just been me and Shae at home. I'm really trying to enjoy these last few weeks of just me and him. It's so crazy to think that he'll be a brother, that I'll be a mom-of-two, that it won't just be the two of us at home anymore. I imagine it will be a pretty rough transition for him...maybe me I'm just going to keep on soaking in our reading time, play dough time, movie time, outside time, etc. until this little girl decides to pop out (and maybe I'll even try not to get TOO frustrated when he throws a kicking and screaming tantrum in the middle of story time, or poops his pants, or jumps up and down in his crib for an hour instead of taking a nap :).

Some awesome ladies threw me a baby shower the Saturday before last, which also made this baby-thing feel that much more real.  Having a baby girl right around Valentine's Day made decorating easy. Everything was pink and heart shaped. I guess this is what having a baby girl feels like.

I'm not a huge cake fan, but this cake was AWESOME. It was super moist and had a subtle almond flavor that was delicious. Mmmmm...wish I could have a piece right now.

Sister Richey was so sweet to open her home to all of us.

We played some fun games where Sara M. kicked our butts because she is just a word woman and can do things like that (don't play boggle with her unless you are okay losing, trust me).

I received some wonderful gifts. Especially loved this towel that Sarah L. made for me and the Williamsburg onsie that Alejandra made.

Shae was pretty happy about this book.

So nice to see this girl after so long. I miss her a lot in Young Womens. Gotta love this awkward where-do-i-put-my-belly hug.

Love these ladies for being kind enough to throw me a shower. They're the best.

And love all these ladies for loving me enough to come! I am so blessed!

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