Friday, February 27, 2015

Snow Days

One of the many differences between living here and living in Utah: Snow days = No work.  

We got our first real snow of the year last week.  Darin didn't have to work.  Yesterday we got another 5 inches or so, he didn't have to work again. It's a beautiful thing. Him not working means that I get to work during the day, without feeling like Shae is being neglected. It also means that I get to get together with a bunch of girls and go out to lunch sans children (at one of the few places that we can find open). It also means we get to have family time--during the week...during the day! It really is a beautiful thing.

Shae is the only one of us that has some form of snow clothing, but we didn't let that stop us from getting out and playing. Last week when we went out, he pretty much just wanted to "swim" in the snow.

Yesterday we focused more on our building skills. We made a not so great Olaf and then worked on some pretty awesome forts.

Shae be like, "Mom, you are big and unbalanced. Take my hand and I will help you." He's a pretty thoughtful two year old. 

 Spring training is so soon! 

 Shae helped with the fort for a bit...

 But then daddy brought the water bottle out to freeze the fort...Shae was done after that...

 We then decided to recruit some extra help and our Luke buddies came right over.

 "Dad, building a fort may be fun for you, but these sticks are WAY cooler."

 And it starts...

And that is what we do on a snow day round these parts.

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