Friday, July 18, 2014

The Hair Cut

People keep asking us, "Why!? Why would you cut his hair!?"

Here's my answer friends: 

Yes, some days he had beautiful ringlet curls. Some days we wet his hair and brushed it while he ran down the hallway trying to get away from us, all with the hope that it would tame the beast. But to be honest, most days (for the past month or two) his hair looked like this:

And so it was time to let the hair go. (Although, I kind of regretted giving Darin permission to cut his hair the second that he started). Letting him hold the buzzer didn't seem to help the situation much.

Otter pops helped slightly.

 And this picture kind of breaks my heart. 

 It was a pretty traumatic experience for all of us. I had a hard time looking at him on Saturday because he didn't look like my boy. A few days later, we've all recovered. He's still as goofy and flirtatious as he was with the curls. Instead of getting attention for the curls, he now gets attention for being the little boy getting ready to head off to the Army (we may have cut it a little  shorter than planned). Either way, I still think he's adorable and have finally started looking at him again...


 Thank you curls for all the good memories.

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