Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Church These Days

While looking through the pictures on my mother-in-law's ipad I came across this treasure chest of gold:

Clearly taken at church, clearly not very reverent, but I clearly think these two boys look pretty stellar in these pictures. No, but seriously, Shae is copying Darin! I can't get enough...even though someone needs to be chastised for being somewhat irreverent, but then, let's be honest, this is probably more reverent than us trying to get Shae to sit still in our laps while he screams and kicks and pushes his little way out of our arms.

Church is rough these days folks. And although it's fun to watch Shae go around the entire Sunday School room and shake everyone's hand, I was pretty excited when they announced at the end of Sacrament Meeting that they needed someone to volunteer to be in Nursery. I jumped all over that one, because let's face it, we probably would have ended up in their anyways.  

Five more Sunday's. Five more.

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